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Wrestling is a hand-to-hand sport involving takedowns, throws, holds, tilts and pinning combinations. The scoring system is based on control of your opponent and is the oldest sport in recorded history. Wrestling is highly unique in that, while incorporating a team aspect, focus is placed on the individual on the mat. You need to be balanced with stamina, strength and technique to succeed. While wrestling teaches many techniques, holds, stances and combinations, the more profound impact of the sport is in its mental teachings.

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Benefits of Wrestling

Weight management

Our owner, Michael Chandler wasn’t the best wrestler in high school but he had high goals for himself after he fell short in the state finals his senior year. Michael turned down multiple scholarships to smaller schools and decided against the “safe route”. Going against the suggestions of his family and friends, he took a leap of faith and pursued a WALK-ON spot to the University Of Missouri (Mizzou) wrestling team. After a year of being the hardest worker in the room, Michael finally got noticed by head coach Brian Smith and was offered a wrestle-off to make the starting squad. Michael won that match and from then on, he was an official Mizzou Tiger. Michael amassed a 100-30 record and became a DIVISION 1 ALL-AMERICAN in 2009.

His time at MIZZOU made him into the man he is today and at TRAINING CAMP, we believe a high-level wrestling background has the ability to make young men and young women into the best they can possibly be.

Michael Chandler roots his success and multiple world championships to the instruction and mentorship he received while a participant of a youth wrestling program. If you want to possess the qualities that can take you from walk-on to All-american…we suggest you get on the mats at TRAINING CAMP!!

Our head coach, Brad Perkins, is an accomplished wrestler himself. Brad won the Fargo national championship TWICE, amassed a 91-0 record in high school and was a three time state champ before accepting a scholarship to wrestle at HARVARD. Brad is also a phenomenal mentor for the participants of our youth program. Come by for your first FREE wrestling practice to meet Brad and Michael!

Michael Chandler Wrestling Accomplishments

Missouri High School Runner-Up
BIG XII Runner-Up
2x Hap Whitney Coaches Award Winner
2x MIZZOU Ironman Award Winner

Brad Perkins Wrestling Accomplishments

3x Missouri State Champ
Undefeated 91-0 in High School
Fargo National Champion
Wrestled and Graduated from Harvard

calories burned

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