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Training our bodies to be the best they can be takes a heavy toll on them and if we don’t recover properly, it shows during our next performance. Trying to workout with a sore back, tight hips, or stiff shoulders isn’t going to get you to the next level, which is why we offer yoga, chiropractic care and sports massage to keep your body in prime condition!

ChiroStrength- Dr. Scott Dunaway

Dr. Scott Dunaway, owner of ChiroStrength, attended Logan College of Chiropractic and graduated Cum Laude in December of 2012.  While attending Chiropractic school he went on to get full body certified in Active Release Techniques (a movement based deep tissue therapy) to improve his knowledge in biomechanics and soft tissue treatment.

For the first 3 years after graduation, Dr. Dunaway practiced traditional chiropractic but focused most of his continuing education on functional movement and corrective exercise programming.  He quickly realized the need to incorporate corrective exercise and fitness into his Chiropractic philosophy in order to provide the most efficient and long lasting results for his patients. ChiroStrength is the accumulation of 7 years of education, nearly 6 years of practice, and countless weekends at seminars learning how to best to incorporate coaching and treating into a package of total patient care.  With ChiroStrength, Dr. Dunaway is finally able to provide his patients with everything he knows to not just get his patients out of pain, but teach them the importance of daily movement and sustainable exercise to prevent injury in the future.

ChiroStrength List Of Services

  • Chiropractic
  • ART (Active Release Techniques)
  • Cupping
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Online Programming


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