• TRAINING CAMP won’t waste prospective member’s time with high-pressure sales tactics on long-term Contracts
  • We offer a variety of memberships to fit your fitness goals. All our memberships include access to the facility during your prospective class times. We do NOT offer a gym membership.
  • See current membership rates here 

((Note: In line with TRAINING CAMP’S no-hassle trial membership, your first class is on us. ))

  • We will not be offering pool or sauna.
  • However, our goal is to give you the tools for success to meet your fitness goals, so we will offer a variety of classes and yoga.
  • We offer locker rooms/showers

Yes, TRAINING CAMP has elite personal trainers focused on helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Group Fitness Classes:


These classes are a complete and total body workout in which we
utilize resistance and cardio training, which combines resistance,
intervals, power, plyometric work, and endurance. All the components
of R.I.P.P.E.D. will help you attain your goal physique in ways that
are exciting, challenging, yet safely coached and scaled for the
everyday person.


Let’s get confident and more proficient at moving heavier weights with
solid form and technique in a modality that will push you for that ever
elusive “one more rep”. This class is structured to move at a slower
pace with a strong focus on form and tempo training to maximize the
benefits of strength training.


It’s all in a name! These high intensity cardio classes will feature a
mixture of equipment usage and lighter weights that are a great way
to help you build a bigger engine and a stronger tenacity to push your
limits as far as your body will let you!

Cardio Strike


Specialty Classes:

“Dump the Bump”:  for mothers looking to reclaim their fitness goals after pregnancy. (same pricing/timeframe as above)

  • TRAINING CAMP is owned, operated and inspired by Michael Chandler, 2x WORLD CHAMPION MMA fighter.
  • TRAINING CAMP is a ‘hybrid facility’ that will offer a variety of services to meet your fitness needs and goals including:
    • A 10,00 Square foot, Large, Open Facility
    • MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, Kickboxing taught by elite LEVER trainers
    • Youth Wrestling Club for ages 5-18
    • Group Fitness Programs designed and catered for all fitness levels to meet your goals.
    • Elite Level Personal Trainers
  • We have customized every inch of TRAINING CAMP to give Nashville an elite, high end vibe.
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