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At TRAINING CAMP we take our group fitness classes very seriously. Our group fitness classes are a fun way to build strength and your cardiovascular endurance in a team environment. Each one of our group fitness coaches have various specialties and are here to keep you motivated through each and every class.

As experienced and passionate coaches hand-selected by Michael Chandler, the trainers at TRAINING CAMP come with a wide range of specialties: whatever your focus is, we have a trainer who is an expert in that field. Our extensive class offerings keep your workout routine from feeling like a routine, which in turn will keep your body and mind from hitting that dreaded plateau. The limited class sizes ensure constant interaction and guidance from your coach, meaning you will never feel lost or risk injury due to lack of instruction.


New Friends & Confidence

From high intensity strength circuits to slower paced weight lifting, our group training classes offer a little something for everyone. Under the guidance and watchful eye of one of our skilled trainers, you’ll push yourself to new limits all while gaining strength, confidence and new friends sharing that common goal!

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