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Whether you want to be the next big pro fighter or you just want to be able to defend yourself if needed, TRAINING CAMP has you covered. Our boxing workouts are full body practices with one on one attention from high level boxing trainers. All combat sports require intensive attention to detail from an outside source, so let our trainers be your guide; you just show up and get ready to learn!

In this class you will train and learn the art of boxing the way a world champion would. Our boxing practices will cover footwork, head movement, combinations, defense and specific drills to increase your proficiency in the “Sweet Science.” NO CONTACT for those who do not wish to strike! Classes will end with 15 minutes of conditioning to push your mind and body to the next level.



**There will be NO CONTACT for those who choose so. We are building an “EGO FREE” community and nobody will be judged for not participating in CONTACT drills and “SPARRING” and will always be given an alternative. Everyone at TRAINING CAMP is free to progress at their own pace. Every sparring session is supervised and governed at the discretion of our world-class trainers.

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