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  • HIIT/Circuit Training vs. Old School Weight Lifting

    HIIT/Circuit Training vs. Old School Weight Lifting

    Which is better for fat loss? Both. Yes, I said BOTH
    But, How?
    Depending on your level of exercise experience, daily diet habits, and types of workouts you habitually do, adding one or the other can help accelerate your fitness goals. Common Thought and Practice HIIT/Circuit workouts burn more calories by the end of a 45 minute class than a traditional 1-2 hour heavy weightlifting session. So by that math, the more calories burned = the more fat lost… We’re missing a few key factors:
    Though you burn more calories in the moment, once your heart rate comes back down to its normal resting rate, your body is no longer tapping into its fat stores for energy. ....

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    We have a brand new, state-of-the-art facility designed to meet all of your needs and achieve your goals under one roof.
    We are the only gym in Nashville owned and operated by a World Champion MMA fighter with decades of high level training experience.
    We take pride in the cleanliness of every inch of our 10,000 sq ft space from the floor to the rafters: Mats and equipment cleaned after every use, high-quality rental equipment.
    We have high-end, fully stocked restrooms and showers with fresh towels and daily toiletries to get you on with your day without worry.
    Responsiveness: We care about our members. We are constantly adapting and evolving our classes, our schedules, etc ....

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