• We have a brand new, state-of-the-art facility designed to meet all of your needs and achieve your goals under one roof.
  • We are the only gym in Nashville owned and operated by a World Champion MMA fighter with decades of high level training experience.
  • We take pride in the cleanliness of every inch of our 10,000 sq ft space from the floor to the rafters: Mats and equipment cleaned after every use, high-quality rental equipment.
  • We have high-end, fully stocked restrooms and showers with fresh towels and daily toiletries to get you on with your day without worry.
  • Responsiveness: We care about our members. We are constantly adapting and evolving our classes, our schedules, etc around what works best for our community.
  • We are not a franchise – We are a tight-knit community where you know everyone, owners and managers are in house every single day.
  • We foster an encouraging and uplifting environment – No judgment!
  • We offer flexible membership options: No fees, no taxes, no first and last month dues. You know exactly what you’re paying for!
  • We are conveniently located close to downtown and the interstate and our class schedule is designed to accommodate everyone from 9a-5p schedules, self-employed schedules and frequent travelers.
  • We are the only gym in Nashville that allows you to take any and all classes in a day…we currently have members doing 2-3 classes in one day and we LOVE IT!!

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