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Why Choose Training Camp?

Gyms come a dime a dozen, but we’re not just a gym -- we’re a community and a family. The trainers, coaches and staff at Training Camp Nashville are in your corner from day one and want to see you succeed. Your goals become our goals, and together we’ll get you there!

Training Camp Nashville boasts a 10,000 square foot multi-functional fitness facility featuring all custom equipment with a clean, high-end, inviting atmosphere. We are owned and operated by two-time MMA World Champion, Michael Chandler, who hand-picked each piece of first-class equipment. Our elite personal trainers, our fitness classes, and our martial arts programs that feature everything from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to kickboxing, will help you break through any barrier and achieve your fitness goals

Everything about Training Camp Nashville has YOU in mind. Your goals, your body, and your aspirations. 

We'll see you at the top!

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Great atmosphere, large and clean facility, highest quality instruction and very welcoming to new guests. Great for anyone looking to begin their martial arts journey or get in a class when on the road! -Cheers from Canada

Nerd Ofalltrades

Been going since the gym opened and cannot speak highly enough about this place. They have an all-around all-star team that can help you achieve any fitness goal you may have! The members are all friendly and the gym itself is clean as can be. The variety of classes from strength and weightlifting to HIIT and boxing. Best gym I have ever been apart of.

Scott Earthman

Training Camp is filled with GOOD People & Energy! I was in town for the Striking seminar, featuring Coach Henry Hooft, Robbie Lawler & Micheal Chandler. I must say... THANK YOU to Training Camp for hosting!!! The lay out of the gym is nice, with plenty of mat space. There were at least 70 people there for the seminar. It was an AMAZING experience! I would feel comfortable with getting a membership here if I was a local! I will be back again for sure! I also want to say that Micheal Chandler is a super friendly, professional person, he really enjoys coaching people! Good Stuff Nashville

Aye Day

If you want a great new workout experience that won’t disappoint this is it. I’m so excited I found it...great space filled with light and plenty of room so there’s no bumping into anyone! The workouts there have every type of possible challenge and are for anyone of all shapes and sizes. If you’re starting from scratch or already looking for a new challenge in your fitness they have it all. Really involved trainers care about you, and are super motivating and keep you going making sure you do everything right and get the most out of every class. I can’t recommend highly enough. We bought year passes after our first couple of weeks there. You won’t regret it-awesome people and great community.

Elizabeth Humphreys

Incredible gym and an awesome community! Great classes and your First class is free!!

Allie Pedinoff

Super dope facility. Highly recommend.

Jim Sheppard

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